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Lyndsey Lately

I don’t ever remember my heart hurting the way that it hurts right now.

Oops, I did it again. #repierced #probablygetsickofitinamonth

I’m not sure what’s going on. I feel like I’ve been treating myself kindly lately, yet I have a slipped sacroiliac joint, a bum knee, a back that’s spasming, and a pinched nerve in my neck.

Haaaaalp!!! D’:

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I have developed such a close group of friends here in Denver over the last two years.

I know that some of these ladies are my lifelong friends.

I just feel so, so very lucky.

Let’s talk about your hair, and how it’s grown,
and how we know that we’re not getting anywhere.

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So America.


Ringing in July with some front porch drinking and a couple of sparklers. #summer

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Sweet Zoey,
Whoever decided to give you up is missing out, terribly, on your beautiful soul. You are such a joy. #prettypitty #adoptashelterdog

Hunky Brewster.

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Zoey has the most smooshable face in all the land. #lifewithzoey

I'm 27, and I live in Denver, but will forever be a 701 girl at heart. This is a random compilation of the pictures, songs, and other things that make my heart happy.

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