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Lyndsey Lately

Feeling a little lost this evening.

Maybe it’s the rain purging all of these feelings from me.

Maybe they’ll be washed away by morning.

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All of my babies are sprouting!!! Happy Earth Day!!! #aerogarden #herbs #earthday #growsomething

"Excuse me, I’m trying to nap here." -Ruby #bostonterrier #puparazzi

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Got a fresh new ‘do thanks to @punkyjewstar! #hairdid

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I really dislike Anna Kendrick, and I hated the original version of this song so much when it came out, but this Jellosea remix is DOPE.

Throwback to when Joey bear was the cutest baby in the world. Wait a second…she still is! #tbt #joeypup #puppies

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If one more person tells me to be sure and wear my retainer after I get my braces off, I’m going to smack them upside their stupid head.

I’m 27, not an irresponsible 15-year-old. I know how it fucking works.

Also, I paid for this shit out of my own pocket with no help from insurance, so you’re god damned right I’m going to wear my retainer.


Ruby obviously partied too hard last night. #bostonterrier #fruitbat

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Sockoholic. #socks #vscocam

All of the love that I have for you
Is still not enough to make up for
The amount of love that you lack
For yourself

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It’s gonna be a good summer. #newwhip #people150 #lookoutdenver

Lonely negroni. #dismyshit #dismyshit


It’s a Mike Kinsella kinda day.

😊🌿✌️🌷🌞🏈🍺🐢🎢 #springhassprung #cheesemanpark #modestmouse

I'm 27, and I live in Denver, but will forever be a 701 girl at heart. This is a random compilation of the pictures, songs, and other things that make my heart happy.

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